We appreciate that sometimes your plans or schedule changes and that means you need to either cancel or change your appointment.

Below we've outlined our cancellation & rescheduling policy:

- Our cancellation & rescheduling policy is 24 hours. That means we require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment without you incurring cancellation fees or losing your deposit.

- We appreciate that sometimes you'll realise you need to change or cancel your appointment outside of our business hours. In these circumstances, we ask that you either email us at or DM us on Facebook or Instagram.
- If you cancel or reschedule your appointment on the day of your appointment you will be subject to losing your deposit or being invoiced for the treatment, however, this is at our discretion.

- We try our very best to be as accommodating as possible, as we understand that sometimes things are out of your control. Like waking up in the morning unwell, having a sick child that needs a day at home or you get called into work on your day off. We ask in these situations that you contact us before 8am with an email at or DM us on Facebook or Instagram

- The less notice you give us the less accommodating we can be, and the reason for this is we are a service-based business. This means our time is the only way we make money. So for example when you ring up an hour before your manicure appointment to cancel, you actually cost us money, because not only are we left with an empty hour we are also left paying wages for that time too. If we are able to refill that appointment time, then we absolutely wouldn't charge you - however, the less time you give us, the harder it gets for us to fill the gap.

Cancelling VS Rescheduling

- We often have people say to us, "but I'm rescheduling my appointment, not cancelling it". However when you're only giving us very limited notice the same terms still apply as it leaves us in exactly the same situation as we have mentioned above.

If you have any questions regarding what is outlined above please feel free to email us