Studex® System75 is a modern and virtually silent spring action ear piercing system that uses sterile single-use non-touch disposable cartridges.

This system offers the optimum in hygiene and sterility. With this system, ears can be pierced gently with individually sealed, hypoallergenic studs. The ear piercing specialist inserts sterile cartridges into the instrument and touches neither the piercing stud nor the clasp during the piercing process. The piercing instrument does not touch the ear either. The one piece cartridge gives smooth operation and ensures proper alignment of the stud with clasp.

The studs that are available for use with System75 are slimmer and sharper than those used with Studex® Universal, making the piercing less traumatic to the ear. This makes System75 a great choice for cartilage & nose piercings.

Automatic positioning of the clasp ensures that proper space is left at the front and back of the ear to enhance the healing process.


Pricing includes the pericing process, earrings & Studex cleaning soltion.

  • Ear lobes w/ Gold or Silver - $59
  • Ear lobes w/ Titainium - $65
  • Cartilage w/ Gold or Silver - $69*
  • Cartilage w/ Titainium - $75*
  • Nose w/ Titainium - $75

* price is the same whether you get just one cartilage piercing or two. If you opt for just one, we will give you the other earring to take home, as they come in sets.


Taking good care of new piercings is extremely important.

Always wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial wash before touching a new piercing.Cleanse the front and back (where possible) of the piercing twice a day with Studex® Piercing Antiseptic Lotion, starting 24 hours after receiving the piercing, without removing the jewellery.

Gently slide the stud/jewellery back and forth in the piercing. Avoid rotating an ear stud more than 180° left or right. This will prevent hair wrapping around the post at the back of the lobe.

Keep hair spray, soap, shampoo and other preparations away from the piercing. After shampooing, the piercing should be rinsed with clean water. Then apply Studex® Piercing Antiseptic Lotion as described above.

After cleansing the pierced area with Studex® Piercing Antiseptic Lotion the area should be kept dry.

Do not remove the jewellery from the piercing during the after care procedure and avoid handling your jewellery unnecessarily.

You should also avoid pushing the clasp of an earring along the post towards the ear as tight earrings may lead to infection.


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