Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions we find you ask us the most.
If there is a question you can’t find the answer below to please give us a call or email & we can help you out!


Do you sell gift vouchers?
What payment options do you offer?
Do you offer a loyalty program for treatments?
How far in advance should I book my appointment?
Do you take "walk in" appointments?
I need to change the day/time of my appointment, how can I do this?
I need to cancel my appointment with less than 24 hours notice, what will happen with my deposit?
I need to cancel my appointment & I'm giving more than 24 hours notice, what will happen with my deposit?
Are your beauty therapists professionally trained?
What are your hygiene practices in the salon?


I've chipped my manicure, what should I do?
What can I do to prevent chipping?
My nails are very thin and brittle, what should I do?
What's the difference between gel polish, dipping powder, builder in a bottle & acrylic?


How should I prepare my skin on the day of my makeup booking?
I am not sure what makeup look I want, can you help?
How long will the makeup last?
What brands do you use?
Are false lashes necessary? Will they be included in the price?
Do you offer bridal trials? Is it necessary to have a trial before my big day?
Should I bring my own lipstick with me? Or do you have lipsticks for me to purchase after my look is complete?


How do I prep & care for my spray tan?
When should I get my spray tan & how long will it last for?
Last time I got a spray tan, I went orange, that won’t happen right?
I smudged my tan with my shirt/seatbelt/handbag, will I ruin my tan?
Are your tans natural?
I've just had a shower after my spray tan & I don't look tanned?
How long should I leave my tan on for?
Can I do waxing & get a spray tan on the same day?
What should I bring with me to my spray tan appointment?


How do I prevent ingrown hairs?
I've got little pimples where I had my waxing done, what causes this?
What’s the difference between hot wax and strip wax?
Why is waxing better than shaving?
Does waxing hurt?
Is there any prep I need to do before a wax?
Can I get a Brazilian while on my period?
How old do I have to be to get a wax?
Does my hair need to be a certain length to wax?
Can I do waxing & get a spray tan on the same day?
How long will waxing results last for?


I'm pregnant - can I still get treatments done?
Can I bring my kids with me?


How long will my eyelash/eyebrow tint last for?
How often can I get my brows waxed?
Is there anything I can do before my lash appointment to get better results?
What is best for me? LVL Lash Lift or Lash Extensions?
How long does each lash appointment take?
Should I wash my lashes extensions or keep them dry?
How often will I need to get in-fills?
Do I need to do a patch test before my tinting appointment?
How can I make my eyebrows grow?
What happens if I pluck some brow hairs in between wax appointments ?