Below is the price list for all our services, plus some additional info that may help you. If you have any questions about treatments make sure you check out our FAQ section HERE, or feel free to give a call or email at


These price include the removal of gel polish.

However please be aware If you have gel polish on from a different salon & it takes us more than 10mins to remove it, there will be an additional $20 charge for removal.

Please be aware we do not backfill dipping powder, removal and reapplication is the only option we offer

We are happy to backfill BIAB nails done at a different salon (assuming they are at the quality level that makes them backfill-able) 

If you have hard gel on your nails from a different salon, we can backfill with BIAB, however can not guarantee the longevity due to not know how the two products will react with each other.

If you got acrylics done at a different salon and are wanting us to backfill them, we will do it - however can not guarantee their longevity. There is a very wide range quality when it comes to acrylic, and some brands/types/qualities react differently with each other.

We offer FREE nail repairs within the first 5 days of your manicure. You must contact us within the first 5 days of your last appointment if you chip or damage a nail within this time frame. Outside of this time frame the above pricing will apply to all repairs. 



If you have never had a tint before or ever had your hair dyed. Please ensure you book in for a tint patch test - this service is free & only takes a few moments. 

Please do not wear waterproof mascara to your LVL Lash Lift appointment. You will not get the same level of results if you do.

Please do not wear waterproof mascara to your lash extensions appointment, it will result in you not getting the same retention from your lashes as you should.

We do not infill other salons lash work. If you have lashes on from a different salon you will need to book in for a removal.

If your lashes are 3+ weeks old you will need to book in new set.

For more info about the different type of lashes extensions click HERE.


If you are looking for Wedding Makeup pricing & info please click HERE

For travel outside of Queenstown a minimum group of 3 is required. For Saturday & Sunday a minimum for 3 is also required or any location if requesting travel. Alternately you're welcome to come in salon. 

Please note we do not offer half face or "eyes only" type makeup service

We encourage you to bring along what ever makeup you own, so we can teach you how to use products you already have and show you how they can be multiple purpose too.